“Fwheet is the sound your fingers make when whistling for a taxi”

FwheetVSUberIt only takes common sense to realize that not everyone wants to order transportation 1) only on an app, 2) only for immediate pick-up, 3) pay only with a stored credit card, and 4) only get an e-receipt.

People would also like to street hail and have 5 other ways to Book-A-Cab for now or later, pay with cash, card present or account, get a printed receipt from a calibrated meter to control rates, and be served by a driver who has had a federal background check. The majority of passengers need the services offered by taxicabs, so they would eventually return to the taxi industry if the service became reliable. The problem with the taxi industry has always been the spirit of competition. Taxi companies do not cross competitive lines so they don’t work as a team to support the public demand. Fwheet Central Dispatch is a multi-communication system that does go across taxi lines and territory to provide service to the public as a team.

Fwheet Drivers are partners that have signed a reliability agreement and receive orders through various communication methods on their Fwheet Driver Apps.  Their app can connect to the meter replacing the rear seat credit card system to receive the meter fare for booked orders as well as street hail passengers.


Each individual taxi driver that chooses to be a Fwheet Central Dispatch partner can feature the “download Fwheet” lettering and phone number on his/her cab to promote the service as a team.